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Feature Films

In Flames / Yangin Var

Directed by Murat Saraçoğlu
Written by Murat Batgi, Koray Çalışkan

Osman Sonant, Nesrin Cavadzade,
Yavuz Bingöl, Erkan Can,
Şerif Sezer, Reha Özcan,
Gaffur Uzuner, Metin Yıldız,
Mirgün Cabas
©Bulut Film (TR), Yol Film (TR), Bredok Film Production (GER)

(TR/GER) 2011 / 98 min.

Supported by Eurimages 2011, Ministry of culture TR

The town of Çayırbağı in Trabzon province suffers from frequent fires, but is without a fire truck. When no support is forthcoming from the twin towns declared by the local mayor, he approaches the mayor of Diyarbakır for help when the two meet at an official function. The answer he receives is positive. One of the fire trucks surplus to Diyarbakır’s needs is cleaned up, painted and made ready to be sent to Trabzon. A municipal worker by the name of Koşman is delegated to drive the fire truck from Diyarbakır to Trabzon. Koşman, a likeable Black Sea nationalist of around 30, has never met a Kurd in his life, nor ever set foot outside his hometown. Worse still, his thoughts about the south-east of the country are based entirely on hearsay. So the idea of the fire truck coming from Diyarbakır is not to his liking, and he puts his foot down, refusing to go. In the end, however, Koşman is persuaded to set off from Trabzon...

10 to 11

Director & Script Pelin Esmer

Nejat Isler & Mithat Esmer
Director of Photography Özgür Eken
Producers Pelin Esmer/Nida Karabol Akdeniz/Tolga Esmer
CoProducers Mustafa Dok & Juliette Sol
SineFilm (TR)
arte france cinéma (FR)
Stromboli (FR)
Bredok Filmproduction (GER)
(TR) 2009

supported by ARTE

Living on the fourth floor of Emniyet Apartment Building, Mr. Mithat has, against all threats he has faced, managed to protect his collection, which he has been working on since years and that has left him with only a small space to live in. Any piece that he searches for to maintain the coherence of the collection could lead him anywhere in Istanbul. For Mr. Mithat, Istanbul is as unlimited as his collection. For Ali, Istanbul is limited with Emniyet Apartment Building and ist surrounddings.
Coming from the village to Istanbul, Ali started to work as concierge in the apartment , and when his daughter contracted asthma due to the humidity in the concierge`s floor, Ali sent his family back to their home in the village for a while until the conditions were ameliorated.

When the other tenants of the apart-ment building, out of fear of an earthquake and with the ambition to own a more valuable building, prefer to have the building demolished to be rebuilt again, Mr Mithat begins the most challenging of wars he gave for his collection. The building now ist he shared destiny of these two men who live alone. Their relationship that begins for the intactness of the collection takes on a different level with Mr. Mithat turning Istanbul over to Ali, and it ends where they change each other`s destinies unknowingly.Grand Prix Price "Golden Angel" 2010 TOFIFEST International Film Festival Poland.

Soko Leipzig „Istanbul Connection“

Director Axel Barth
Tyron Ricketts
Melanie Marschke
Marco Girnth
Andreas Schmidt-Schaller
Erdal Yildiz
August Zirner
Suzan Anbeh
Adrian Can
Executive Producer Mustafa Dok
Production UFA Fernsehproduktion
Broadcast Station ZDF
TV Premiere 3.Oktober 2008
© (GER) 2007

Die ausgelassene türkische Hochzeitsfeier mitten in Leipzig, die auch Ina Zimmermann und ihr neuer Freund Faruq Arat besuchen, endet in einer Katastrophe. Zwei maskierte Männer erschießen den Bräutigam Erdogan Cimsir und seine Braut. Als Ina die Täter verfolgt, wird auch sie von einer Kugel getroffen. Nur durch eine Notoperation kann Inas Leben gerettet werden.
Die SOKO ermittelt schnell, dass Cimsir Opfer eines gezielten Mordanschlags wurde. Offenbar war der Chef von Inas Freund in Geschäfte mit gefälschter Markenkleidung verwickelt. Als Ina mitbekommt, dass auch ihr Freund von ihren Kollegen überprüft wird, reagiert sie entrüstet. Für Ina ist es absolut ausgeschlossen, dass Faruq etwas mit den illegalen Geschäften zu tun hat. Spontan entschließt sie sich, ihn auf eine Geschäftsreise nach Istanbul zu begleiten. Für ihre Liebe wäre sie sogar bereit, ihren Beruf aufzugeben und am Bosporus ganz neu anzufangen.
Zur gleichen Zeit taucht im Büro der Leipziger Sonder-Kommission Major Olaf Jordan auf und fordert von Hajo, dass die SOKO ihre Ermittlungen in dem Fall sofort einstellt. Eine Operation des BND gegen das organisierte Verbrechen sei dadurch gefährdet. Als sich jedoch der Verdacht erhärtet, dass Faruq Arat als neuer Chef der Textilfirma und damit auch Ina das nächste Ziel der Täter sein könnten, entschließt sich Hajo zusammen mit Jan und Patrick nach Istanbul zu fliegen, um Ina zu retten.




Director Aydin Sayman
Script Erdogan Akduman

Berk Hakman
Selen Seyven
Cetin Öner
Cinemathographer Eyüp Boz
Mustafa Dok
Aydin Sayman
Selay Tozkoparan
© (TR) 2007

In a poor Anatolian town, an old man marries a young and beautiful girl, paying her father with some land in exchange. A forbidden love grows between the young wife and the amiable fool of the town,
Shanjan, causing anger and hatred among the townsfolk.



Made in Europe

Director & Script Inan Temelkuran

Teoman Kumbaracibasi
Ruhi Sari
Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan
Director of Photography
Enrique Santiago
Inan Temelkuran
Mustafa Dok
Oguz Peri
Temelkuran Film ve Müzik
© (TR) 2007

As US troops enter Afghanistan, three groups of Turkish people are gathering in three European cities(Madrid, Paris, Berlin). Each group is a microcosm of Turkish society in Europe, where these individuals seekor live without re-sidence permission after years of living like a ghost from one country to next.
Apart from their legal status, they are ordinary people facing universal conflicts that involve manhood and humiliation, insecurities and women, kinship and betrayal, superiority and self-pity...
Together they constitute the schizophrenic nature of the immigrant world, reminding us that they are not problems living in Europe but living people.




The Village

Director Mustafa Dok
Script Nurullah Kaya/A. Haluk Ünal
Cast Vedat Erincin
Cinemathographer Sinan Akkus
Executive Producer Mustafa Dok
Production Underdog Pictures GmbH
© (GER) 2009
funded by FFA

A village idiot with the self imposed job of keeping exact count of it's citizens innocently discovers their existance is in danger when rebels clash with the military.

Sunday for a Song

Script & Director Chris Breuer

Robert Beyer
Hussi Kutlucan
Sabine Werner
Hülya Duyar
Christina Geisse
Rainer Süßmilch, Björn Leese
Veronika Nowag Jones
Cinematographer Nadja Kurtz
Sound Kotra
Production Desinger Giulia Paolucci
Producers Mustafa Dok&Chris Breuer
12 min
© (GER) 2007

A stranger appears from no'where.
Hunger driven, he makes his way to the city with it's lure and enticement.
He meets people, that have an unfullfilled yearning in theier ordinary live.
Simply wanting to satisfy his needs he provokes confrontation.



Director & Script Mustafa Dok
Cast Hussi Kutlucan&Recai Hallac
Cinemathographer Sinan Akkus
Producer Mustafa Dok
Film Bewertungsstelle Wiesbaden: grade precious
© (GER) 2006

Billy stands alone, in a somewhat dusty Print shop, next to a big old printing machine. Behind him is a three foot stack of freshly printed booklets.
Willy, the graphic specialist of the firm and Billy’s business partner, enters the room and asks Billy to turn the printing mashine off. He says they have to stop production because the layout has changed. Billy is obviously angry. But, once he finally gains his self control, Bill peacfully returns to his work printing the new version.
Everything is fine until Willy storms into the room and turns off the printing mashine again. This is the third time this has happened -there isn’t much to say. Willy gives Billy a look and sadly Billy nods in resignation.
By the forth time-the last scene- the camera zooms in on the layout. It’s a world atlas which is constantly changing. One country name after another disapears and in it’s place is written „USA“.














"Jin" will hold the World Premiere
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"Watchtower"was nominated
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Tiger Award
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